Helping neighbors in need with practical support through crisis assistance, hunger relief and resource referrals.

Kershaw Area Community Resource Exchange

Youth Serve / Youth Under Construction

Youth Serve is a summer team camp for youth 13-19 years old. For one intensive week, Youth Serve provides the opportunity to help neighbors in need and to give back to their community through local projects such as home repairs, baking goods for the elderly, and beautification. Local churches collaborate to provide leadership and discipleship to the teen campers to encourage them to embrace a biblical worldview and develop Christian moral leadership.

The mission of Youth Serve is to lead the youth of today to becoming the philanthropic leaders of tomorrow. This mission will be fulfilled by:

  • Providing opportunities for youth to grow and develop into skilled young adults with strong moral character and a vision for serving others
  • Leading youth to gain the ability to become visionary leaders of future projects and programs that seek to serve and improve the quality of life for their community

Information for Homeowners
Homeowners may submit a home repair application at any time. Applications are available year-round at KARE during crisis assistance/food pantry hours. All applications must be completed with the assistance of a KARE counselor or staff member. Please note that the completion of a home repair application does not guarantee repairs. 

Hours of Operation

All services are located at 206-210 E. Marion Street, Kershaw, SC

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